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Product Information
The Visual PAMSPro™ product line is specifically designed to be the most flexible and comprehensive set of appraising tools available. All our tools are state of the art Windows™ applications for stand-alone and networked applications. Our software is specifically designed to take advantage of the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.
Visual PAMSPro Professional Edition
Visual PAMSPro™ Professional Edition is our state of the art CAMA system that provides an environment where the appraiser can easily access and analyze all parcel related information without having to be a computer expert. Highlights include user defined cost, sales, and income approaches to valuation; photographs; drawings; videos; user defined reporting; field level security and auditing; GIS integration; over 50 standard property record card formats; integration with many popular tax systems; and more.
Visual PAMSPro Enterprise Edition
Visual PAMSPro™ Enterprise Edition is our popular Windows™-based CAMA system that utilizes the power, flexibility, and security of the Microsoft™ SQL Server database engine.  This product provides the same functionality and ease of use as our regular CAMA system, along with all the extra features of Microsoft™ SQL Server.
Visual PAMSDraw
Visual PAMSDraw™ is the easiest drawing program available. This mouse-driven program will make drawing in a mass appraisal environment a snap. Highlights include our unique drag and drop drawing interface; the ability to draw lines, angles, arcs, circles, and complex polygons; calculates key building statistics in seconds; creates infinite user defined drawing levels; dynamically links drawings and drawing information to the Visual PAMSPro™ database.
Visual PAMSPortable Edition
Visual PAMSPortable™ Edition is the only practical tool for field work in the appraisal industry. Our Portable Edition provides the appraiser with all the power and functionality of the Professional or Enterprise Edition while out in the field. This product allows the mobile user to perform tasks such as data entry, valuation, reporting, querying, imaging, and other analyses right from his/her laptop or tablet computer. Upon return to the office, the user simply connects to the network and automatically updates the master system with the information gathered outside the office.
Visual PAMSView
Visual PAMSView™ is the view-only version of our Visual PAMSPro™ database. This is the perfect solution for allowing users access to property information without providing the ability to make any changes. You can even choose what information is available for viewing down to the individual field level. This is the ideal solution for front counter applications, public access terminals, and remote terminal server sessions where inquiry access is the only requirement.
Visual PAMSDraw Conversion
Visual PAMSDraw Conversion Utility™ is a utility program that converts Visual PAMSDraw™ sketches to JPG format.  This program allows you to open up the use of building sketches to a wide range of other applications within your organization.  You can run this program on demand or automatically without user intervention.
Visual PAMSPro Merge Utility
The Visual PAMSPro™ Merge Utility allows you to merge information from multiple Visual PAMSPro™ databases into one master Visual PAMSPro™ database. This program allows counties to compile all of their Townships’ Visual PAMSPro™ databases into one.
Visual PAMSBackup
Visual PAMSBackup™ is a supplemental program used to aid in the disaster prevention and recovery process. You can use this utility on demand or have it setup to run automatically at predetermined intervals and times. The program creates a copy of all Visual PAMSPro™ configuration, system, and data files on the local hard disk. This process is very fast and ideal for getting backups of Visual PAMSPro™ before running upgrades, during lunch breaks, or for nightly copies. This program is designed to be utilized in conjunction with a master backup system at a client site.

To find out more about the Visual PAMSPro™ products, feel free to browse our site or contact us for more information.


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