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CAMA Real Estate Appraisal Software for County and Township Tax Assessors

Visual PAMSDraw
Visual PAMSDraw™ is the only true point and click drawing solution available.  Create and maintain accurate drawings with the quickness afforded by using the mouse.  For those users more comfortable with the keyboard, several keyboard functions are available as well.  Create precise angles, lines, and arcs.  Adjust them by selecting them and dragging or changing their properties with the mouse.  Calculate complex 

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square footages in seconds.  Link Visual PAMSDraw™ drawings to parcel records in Visual PAMSPro™ and automatically update relevant building characteristics in the Visual PAMSPro™ database.  If you like the Visual PAMSPro™ user interface and its ease of use, you will love Visual PAMSDraw™.
Key Benefits
Appraisal Software Application designed specifically for Windows™ XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, qor Windows 8.1.
Appraisal Software Unique Drag and Drop drawing interface.
Appraisal Software Calculates key building statistics (building area, ground area, perimeter).
Appraisal Software Custom scale, rotate, flip, and angle operations.
Appraisal Software Draw lines, angles, arcs, circles, and complex polygons.
Appraisal Software Infinite user defined drawing levels supported.
Appraisal Software View individual drawing levels or view levels superimposed on each other from the top
Appraisal Software Zoom in and out of drawings for better viewing.
Appraisal Software Copy and paste objects within or between drawing levels.
Appraisal Software Dynamic links to a Visual PAMSPro™ database.
Appraisal Software Include formatted free text and clipart anywhere on your drawings
Appraisal Software Complex Z -Ordering of objects allows you to have multi-layered objects on a level.
Appraisal Software Dynamically change objects and drawing elements, and any of their associated
properties with a click and drag or right click of the mouse.
Appraisal Software Add color and pattern to any object or line in your drawing.
Appraisal Software Break drawings at any element and modify existing structures.
Appraisal Software Print drawings with drawing element summaries or details.
To find out more about the Visual PAMSPro™ products, feel free to browse our site or contact us for more information.
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CAMA Real Estate Appraisal Software for County and Township Tax Assessors

Appraisal Software, CAMA Property Appraisal Software. CAMA Real Estate Appraisal Property Management Software for County and Township Tax Assessors.Values.

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