Land Valuation

Visual PAMSPro provides many methods of land valuation so that you can value land accurately and uniformly. You can value land using the Square Foot/Acres Method, Site Method, Front Foot Method, Base Lot Method, and Multi-Value Land Method. The Multi-Value Land allows you to value land in smaller components, each with its own valuation method. You can use one or more of these methods to value land for a parcel, providing you with ultimate flexibility.

  • Document the method of land valuation, along with the total amount of land, type of land, and zoning.
  • Enter your own Land Cost Tables to tailor the system to your needs.
  • Use Influence Factors to adjust the land values on individual parcels.
  • Value Land in subdivisions using the site method - each lot is the same value.
  • Use the Base Lot Method to allow for underage and overage amounts when valuing lots that differ in size from the Base Lot.
  • Use Multi-Value Land to value excess or farm land.

The standard methods of Land Valuation are shown below.

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