Photos, Drawings, and Objects

We at Visual PAMSPro believe that the Property Record should be the one spot for all information related to a parcel - whether it was created in our program or another program. This information should include not only property, buildings, sales, etc., but also all Photos, Drawings, and external Objects. To achieve this goal, we allow you to link as many Photos, Drawings, and external Objects to a parcel as necessary - there are no limits.

With a click of the mouse, you can instantly view all of these items directly from the Property Record. You can even view all Photos for a parcel at once with our Thumbnail View feature. With our Objects feature, you can link letters, spread sheets, voice recordings, video recordings, scanned documents, etc. You can easily link Photos, Drawings, and Objects individually or in mass using our Batch Entry feature. You can even link these items to multiple parcels at once.

You can also print Photos and Drawings using many predefined reports - including Property Record Cards - in our reports feature or directly from the Property Record. You can even incorporate Photos and Drawings into reports that you create with our Report Designer feature.




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