Custom Add-Ins

The Visual PAMSPro Custom Add-Ins feature allows you to access internet and intranet websites that hold a wealth of information to help you do your job. With Custom Add-Ins, you can access different sites and dynamically pass information to that sight directly from the Property Record. You have complete control to create and maintain links to the internet and intranet sites of your choice.  Best of all, no programming skills are necessary with our user-friendly Custom Add-In Manager Utility.

You can link to your favorite mapping sites to access the visual image of a parcel. Create the link and pass whatever parcel information is necessary, such as parcel number, property address, or property owner. Whenever you want to view the visual image, just click on the Add-Ins Menu and select the appropriate link. You will immediately be connected to that site, viewing the visual image of that parcel.

There is no limit to the number of Custom Add-Ins that you can create to make your job easier - county websites to view Tax Bill information, link to view GIS information, etc.


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